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By Morgan Rees 1276 days ago

What needs do you need solved?  What is your worst hair problem? Are you stuck in a rut? Do you struggle with styling or battling frizz?  Is your go-to style a pony? Lets get this conversation rolling! Post your comments below and we can see where I can help!


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  • Jerri Anne Rees
    Jerri Anne Rees: 1 When I wash my hair it has to be at night because otherwise it's frizzy and unmanageable. 2 If I want to style it, it has to start out wet from the shower otherwise the style falls right out or is too oily looking the next day. 3 My hair is heavy so any style falls right out anyway. Plus it's all one length and straight so I can't get curls to stay in it.
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    • Morgan Rees
      Morgan Rees: 1 - shampoo and conditioner I recommend frizz dismiss by Redken. Instead of washing daily I recommend pillow proof 2 day extender and using iron shape 11 and - light hold hairspray such as quick dry 18 or if you need stronger hold, 28. A haircut with some layers will help with movement. Washing every other day will help your scalp normalize and stop over producing oils :) to get curls to stay in, make sure they cool down before touching them. If iron shape 11 isn't strong enough hot sets 22 is my next go to for all day curl.
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