My hair is now drying out and thinning

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By Jerri Anne Rees 1277 days ago

My hair used to be so healthy and shiny no matter what torture I did to it, now with age it is drying out and thinning. I have tried a million products but nothing seems to work.

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  • Morgan Rees
    Morgan Rees: First off- I have to say, go check with your doctor- get blood work done and make sure you are eating right, that your thyroid is in order and that your medications arent messing with your hair. Once you find out that you are OK then lets talk about what you are using in your hair, lets look at the ingredient list and find out what you are actually doing to it. Take a look at the iron setting you use, how high of heat your blowdryer gets to and how often you are getting a cut and what type of color is being used on your hair. We can figure this out!
    • 1277 days ago
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    • Jerri Anne Rees
      Jerri Anne Rees: Thats good advise, I have been on a new medication since it started happening.
      • 1277 days ago
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