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By Kathleen Gonzalez 1124 days ago

Hello out there! A friend told me about Women's Suite, and it sounded like a pretty sweet deal, so I signed up! I'm a Bay Area writer, teacher, and dancer. I love the idea of supporting other women's ambitions. In fact, I've been the fortunate recipient of other women's talents, when they have read drafts of my writing, taught me dance choreographies, shared their artwork with me, or mentored me as a teacher. So I've tried to give back by reading other writer's drafts or discussing project ideas. My last big book project was about women, too--a collection of biographical sketches about Venetian women from the 1300s to the 1800s. I was so inspired by their remarkable lives that it makes me want to share their stories with others; I wrote about a boat racer, a pastellist, a couple composers, poets and writers, an artist's model, the last women who knew the traditional lace stitches, and even an elderly mirror merchant who ended a rebellion. 

Here's a link if you want to know more about my writing: kathleenanngonzalez.com

Maybe I'll meet some of you at the Little Italy festival in San Jose this Sunday, Oct. 1. Details here: http://www.littleitalysj.com

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  • Morgan Rees
    Morgan Rees: What topics have you written about?
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    • I mostly write about Venice, Italy. Specifically, I have a book about the gondoliers, one about places Casanova lived or visited in Venice, one about Venetian women (as I mentioned), and then a short book about Venetian Jewish writer Sara Copia Sullam. Finally, I wrote about the Camp Everytown program, which educates students around anti-discrimination.
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