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Welcome to the CommUNITY forum. This area is for open discussions and to voice ideas. Some topics are posted by us or you can create your own. Here, you can upload up to six images to share your latest outfit, accessory, home improvement or art project and more! Verbally and visually post it here and invite your friends to give their 2 cents!

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    Mountain View Art & Wine Festival - 44th Annual

    By Morgan Rees 2758 days ago
    youtu.be - 44th Annual Mountain View Art & Wine Festival. Silicon Valley’s World-Class Art & Music Festival is a vibrant multicultural celebration featuring 600 professional artists and craftmakers showing exceptional handcrafted wares, stellar live...
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    The Mark Addy Inn

    By Morgan Rees 2759 days ago
    http://www.mark-addy.com/ - The Mark Addy Inn, near Charlottesville Virginia is a Bed and Breakfast that rests on the sunrise side of Virginia's magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains, near the Blue Ridge Parkway, Wintergreen Resort, the Skyline Drive, Thomas Jefferson's Monticello...
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    BoConcept Los Angeles

    By Morgan Rees 2760 days ago
    www.boconcept.com - BoConcept Los Angeles 434 N La Brea AvenueLos Angeles, CA 90036 Tel. +1 323 591 0782 labrea@boconcept-la.com Urban Danish Design since 1952 BoConcept makes modern design furniture available to the urban-minded customer. Go on a journey with...
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    Mod Pod

    By Mod Pod 2764 days ago
    store.womenssuite.com - Our mission is to inspire and inform our listeners via Podcasts you can virtually visit various locations and venues that are fun, free and culturally broadening. We value our Podcasts as a powerful way to better understand and contribute to the...
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    Marketing Action Plans

    By Morgan Rees 2764 days ago
    store.womenssuite.com - The Marketing Action Plans is a 365-days-a-year resource tool. It’s not the kind of book that sits on your bookshelf at home; rather you should keep it with you at work at all times. Everything in this book is for real-world survival; individual...
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    ‘Flintstone House’ sold for $4.2 million

    By Morgan Rees 2767 days ago
    - Want to live like Fred Flintstone? Even if you don’t live in Bedrock, circa the Stone Age, you can get pretty close to living like Fred and Wilma without venturing too far from San Francisco. “The Flintstone House,” located in Hillsborough,...
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    Binoculars Building - Venice neighborhood of LA, CA

    By Morgan Rees 2767 days ago
    - Binoculars Building The Binoculars Building, originally the Chiat/Day Building, is a commercial office building located in the Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. Built between 1985-1991 for advertising agency Chiat/Day (now...
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    Creative Displays - a.k.a.: The Amertec Building

    By Morgan Rees 2778 days ago
    - The Amertec Building (Hialeah, FL) Some say the Amertec building resembles a sleeping monster, built in 1967 by architect Chayo Frank, the building was designed and built for his family’s woodworking...
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    The California Academy of Sciences

    By Morgan Rees 2780 days ago
    youtu.be - Discover nature’s secret language in Color of Life, a major new exhibit at the Academy. Immerse yourself in a symphony of color and view the world through the eyes of an animal, visualizing how color communicates, attracts, and camouflages in the...
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    100 ways to say GOOD

    By Morgan Rees 2811 days ago
    - For all of my "Writer/Author friends here is a handy reference tool on a 100 ways to say GOOD. Right-click to download the document.