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  • By Morgan Rees 44 days ago
    This U.S. History Map covers the history of the United States in a single image. Map includes a detailed legend, color coding to distinguish borders, a scale, and labels as they were that time in history.
  • By Morgan Rees 45 days ago
    It was only a minor earthquake, but the Etch-a-Sketch Gallery was ruined.
  • By Morgan Rees 46 days ago
    Checkout Peter Max design on this Norwegian Cruise ship. Peter Max personally invited me to two of his exhibitions. I have one of his works autographed. I was try to create an initiative with Peter Max, Hartmut Esslinger (Founder of FrogDesign) and me. The two mammoth egos couldn’t work together.
  • By Morgan Rees 47 days ago
    Discussions are Always Better than Arguments.
  • By Morgan Rees 57 days ago
    One evening I was lucky enough to stand directly behind Dino Danelli and watch his bass drum pedal and chops at a skill level and speed I had never seen before. Dino Danelli is best known as an original member and the drummer in the rock group, The Rascals. He has been called "one of the great unappreciated rock drummers in history."
  • By Morgan Rees 61 days ago
    Summer is here. Let’s all go to the beach to relax.
  • By Morgan Rees 62 days ago
    Summer 2019 begins on Friday, June 21.
  • By Morgan Rees 64 days ago
    Astro has the same voice as Scooby-Doo: You are excused if you ever confused the two toons in your mind. Don Messick provided the voice to both cartoon Great Danes. It was on The Jetsons that Messick rerfected ris roice rith rall the Rs. Scooby would not come along until 1969.
  • By Morgan Rees 65 days ago
    Calvados sits along the picturesque Normandy coast, and if you only know the region for its namesake apple brandy, you’re missing out. Home to dozens of charming villages and medieval cities, this French department is a vacationer’s dream. From miles of sandy beaches to bustling cities to a heap of history, Calvados is one region you’ll want to savor.
  • By Morgan Rees 71 days ago
    Street Artist Paints Fake Shadows To Confuse People. Damon Belanger, a graphic artist living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area was commissioned to install 20 fake shadows in the downtown of Redwood City in order to bring more creativity to the area. The result is brilliant.
  • By Morgan Rees 99 days ago
    (Today’s Satire) 4 out of 3 People Struggle with Math. -
  • By Morgan Rees 100 days ago
    A friend of mine told me that she bore five kids, and I told her she should try to become more interesting.
  • By Morgan Rees 100 days ago
    A friend of mine that has been working for decades at Goodyear fixing flats, has announced that he will re-tire.
  • By Morgan Rees 101 days ago
    Wasteful packaging award of the day goes to COSTCO. The two SD memory chips are the size of a two postage stamps. They are mounted on a 18”x12” cardboard and shipped in a very large box. What a waste.
  • By Morgan Rees 102 days ago
    Hendrix got the “Are You Experienced” album cover idea from the Hollies, so he hired the same photographer to create the “Are You Experienced” (Fisheye lens effect) album cover. Jimi Hendrix’s Are You Experienced — released 50 years ago today (on May 12, 1967)