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  • By Morgan Rees 9 days ago
    How are these Generations different? Knowing the nuances and personality quirks of each generation helps craft effective messaging: 1.) More millennials than Gen Zers will pay extra for customer experience 2.) Gen Z sets a higher bar for expecting innovation from companies 3.) Gen Z is less likely than the millennial generation to trust companies — but can be swayed 4.) Gen Z is pragmatic; millennials are idealistic 5.) Gen Z focuses on saving money; millennials are more focused on the experience 6.) Millennials liked authenticity, but Gen Z takes it to a new level 7.) Gen Z prefers in-store shopping; millennials shop online 8.) Millennials cozy up to brands; Gen Z wants to be independently themselves
  • By Morgan Rees 10 days ago
    A Cat’s Map of the Bed
  • By Morgan Rees 11 days ago
    If you are ever feeling stressed out, a design firm in New York City placed these stress-relief stations around the city.
  • By Morgan Rees 15 days ago
    This has been a public service announcement.
  • By Morgan Rees 27 days ago
    While at the Doctor’s today he said I needed a shot in my butt. I replied, “Sure, however I have never had a cocktail that way”
  • By Morgan Rees 39 days ago
    Before my surgery, my anesthetist offered to knock me out with either gas or a boat paddle. - It was an ether/oar situation
  • By Morgan Rees 44 days ago
    Beauty Has No Size -
  • By Morgan Rees 58 days ago
    All of the funny jokes from the 2019 Emmy Awards Show.
  • By Morgan Rees 61 days ago
    TBT: Rubber Soul cover, before cropping and distortion
  • By Morgan Rees 68 days ago
    This would be funny except there’s no punchline.
  • By Morgan Rees 77 days ago
    HBO confirms that Game of Thrones’ Starbucks coffee cameo was a mistake.
  • By Morgan Rees 81 days ago
    Air and Space Museum
  • By Morgan Rees 85 days ago
    Why don’t Americans eat snails. They like fast-food.
  • By Morgan Rees 85 days ago
    Why do hamburgers go to the gym? To get better buns.